What Influences System Performance in Septic Tanks?


Numerous diseases result from contact with inadequately treated or poorly treated sewage discharged by households and business facilities. Such diseases include hepatitis, poliomyelitis, cholera and typhoid among others. To add on that, poor management of sewage within neighbourhoods creates an eyesore and even lowers the value of the property. For this reason, you must prioritise the quality of the septic tanks that you build on your property for you to manage sewage effectively.

9 March 2017

Three ways to keep a septic system in good working order


A lot of properties in rural areas are not connected to public waste pipelines. Instead, the owners of these properties use home sewerage systems, consisting of a drainage field, a septic tank and some piping. Whilst these systems are generally quite robust, they can fail if they are not well-maintained. Here are three things that can help to keep a septic system in good condition. Recognise the early warning signs of septic system failure

6 March 2017

Why You Should Consider a New Approach to Septic Processing at Home


Traditional septic systems tend to require quite a lot of maintenance and as a consequence wear out relatively quickly, with a lot of associated hassle and replacement costs. These systems can use quite a lot of power as well, and you may have to modify the landscaping around your property, in order to install them. There is an alternative though, using aerobic sand filter systems. What's involved with these, and how could they be beneficial to you?

31 January 2017

Understanding a Few Options for an Alternative Septic System


A septic system typically flushes water and solid waste from a home's plumbing pipes to a type of tank, where the solid matter may settle and the liquid is then drained to a nearby leaching field. The inside of the tank may contain chemicals that help to break down this solid matter so it can be better drained from the tank, and the tank itself then needs cleaning out and emptying on a regular basis.

26 August 2016