Why You Should Consider a New Approach to Septic Processing at Home


Traditional septic systems tend to require quite a lot of maintenance and as a consequence wear out relatively quickly, with a lot of associated hassle and replacement costs. These systems can use quite a lot of power as well, and you may have to modify the landscaping around your property, in order to install them. There is an alternative though, using aerobic sand filter systems. What's involved with these, and how could they be beneficial to you?

Sand Filter Systems

These new systems can treat all different types of household waste using a standardised application. This includes the wastewater from your laundry, bathroom, kitchen and toilet with no issues whatsoever. A novel approach to processing ensures that the end product is renovated to such an extent that it can be safely used to sprinkle your garden and lawn.

How It Works

All of your household waste is collected into one central drainage pipe, which is in turn connected to a treatment centre. The solids included in the matter are broken down by naturally occurring bacteria, while the "scum" and fats float to the surface. The remaining liquid wastewater then goes into a pump chamber and is directed towards an anaerobic sand filter, which is buried in the ground.

This is where the water is treated for the second time using a completely natural process and quite inexpensively. The wastewater slowly drifts down and percolates through a number of different layers, composed of small rock and specially selected sand. As this process unfolds, harmful viruses, pathogens and bacteria are finally removed from the water, which is ultimately collected at the base of the filter. It is then returned to a second pump chamber and can be fed through a distribution system to sprinkle your lawns.

Less Chemicals Required

This system does not rely on any added chemicals in order to conserve water, making it a really "green" alternative. It's not necessary to add a combination of blowers, agitators or other equipment in order to process everyday waste. This makes the system a lot easier and cheaper to maintain, and more effective.

Investigating the Option

While traditional septic systems have stood the test of time and are still highly efficient, the sand filter approach is the latest innovation to reach the Australian market. You can find out a lot more about this revolutionary approach by discussing the option with your septic solution provider. 


31 January 2017

Converting to composting toilets

We aren't on the main sewer line on our property and it's always been an issue getting the septic tank emptied in winter when the road gets muddy and trucks get bogged. As a result, we decided to switch to composting toilets in the home. It's been a great option to get our toileting waste minimised and to help the environment at the same time. It's a bit of an adjustment period when you move to a composting toilet so I thought I'd start a blog explaining the process. I hope it will be useful for other people who have septic tanks and are contemplating making the switch.